A pair of plier is one thing you will find in almost 'every body's toolbox, workshop and home.

For the most people the term 'pliers' means combination pliers - infinitely useful for gripping, twisting, turning, stripping, cutting and many other odd jobs for which they were never designed, but all pliers are designed to perform specific functions and the range covers just about all of them.


    A     Chrome Plated, Mirror Polished
    B     Polished Finish
    C     Black Finish

Standard Sleeve

Used for general purpose gripping in distinctive colours

Heavy Duty Sleeve

Used for heavy duty jobs providing maxmum grip and comfort

"Valvet Dipinsulation"

Designed to fit comfortably into the hands and ensures firm grip

"Cushion Dipinsulation"

Added comfort in use. Low slip cushion grip dipinsulation available in different colours

Never exceed the cutting capacity Never grind or alter the shape of plier Always keep pliers clean, free
from debris and lightly oiled

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